lunes, 9 de marzo de 2015

Invitación a Webinar Gratuito

Mañana a las 11:00 am                                                                                       Idioma: Inglés
Duration:1 hour
Speaker: Xavier Basurto

Globally, marine protected areas (MPAs) are prominent conservation tools. Yet understanding of their social sustainability remains limited. To determine how MPAs affected individuals’ willingness to cooperate or be spiteful towards each other—two key behaviors associated with social sustainability—we conducted cooperation and spite experiments (n=123) in two communities with MPAs and two control communities in Baja California, Mexico. We found statistically higher levels of cooperation and spite in MPA communities. In addition, a substantial proportion of subjects are ‘spiteful cooperators’, showing high levels of cooperation and spite when given the choice to do so in an anonymous environment. A standardized fishers’ survey (n=549) and key informant interviews (n=84) spanning all MPAs along the Baja California peninsula suggest the absence of selection bias and supports the external validity of results. The processes of MPA’s formation and implementation seem to have triggered ‘spiteful-cooperative’ behavior. Implications for long-lasting conservation are discussed.

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