jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017

UN Webinar Sustainable Blue Economy & Scientific knowledge, research capacity development and transfer of marine technology

The Challenge of #SDG14 is the trend of unsustainable developers to justify their activities that may destroy coral reefs, with fake promises of future restoration after their impacts. Need for protocols in UN to advise governments to avoid local threats?

UN Ambassador: "There are also changes in the governments, this year they are more aware".

Next year we will present progress on #OceanAction14819 We have had 2 scientific expeditions measured ecological, social and economic indicators performance of the best resilient reef of the Caribbean Sea. and now celebrating the #MonthOfTheReef2017. Showing to the general public that there are still resilient reef that deserve to be protected. The Colombian government is responding positively by delaying the plan for dredging a reef.  We are looking for alliances to fund a virtual reality video of the most healthy reef that we have that is not yet protected and perhaps is a climate change refuge #CoralesBahiaCartagena #VaraderoColombia Only with enahncing the experience of a live coral reef we can provide it with identy and rights to be protected and perhaps convence decision makers to listen to the scientific evidence. Advances in technolgy should be directed to guide developers to build far away from coral reef areas: channels, ports, oil /gas exploration structures, etc. Thus, avoiding any activity that may alter or threat coral reefs

domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017


Hoy 5 de Noviembre empieza el #MesDelArrecife2017 #MonthofTheReef2017

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