sábado, 8 de mayo de 2021

SDG 13 and SDG 14 (Cambio Climatico y Protección a Arrecifes)

We keep celebrating the resilience of the two #Caribbean #HopeSpots #VaraderoColombia and #CapurganaCaboTiburon since 2018 After completing in #Colombia 100% Coral Reef Areas under a protection framework as we were implementing of Goal 14: Life below water | UNDP involving the fishers communities  

A major portion of its natural world will be significantly safeguarded to encourage sustainable development and fight climate changeThen we started to include the implementation of other SDGs this year 2021 with›. SDG 13 ·+ SDG 14

Our recomendation to the National and local Governments of San Andres  Providencia and Ketlina Islands to avoid Unsustaianble Development and declare a New Hope Spot  for the North Keys as a Binational Protected Area under a framework of protection supported by UNESCO and Mission Blue in coallition with the foundation ICRI Colombia, CORALINA y MARENA. 

First the community want to know about the possibility of this protection framework that should respect their livelihoods and protect more effectively their coral reefs within a PEACE PROCESS betwen Nicaragua and Colombia.