jueves, 26 de mayo de 2022

New Report of SCTLD for the Colombian Caribbean at the Seaflower Biosphere Rserve

After the expediton NatGeo Pristine Seas, the following photos were received in our International Coral Reef Observatory. Both mentioning the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease #SCTLD Although the reports in other areas of the Caribbean relate only massive coral colonies to be affected where massive tourism arrives by cruices. The Bisophere Reserve just started to announce the arrival and departures of huge cruices like the ones that arrive Miami (5000people), Mexico and the other countries that already have the Coral Disease also have this kind of massive tourism. 

It was interesting to receive the following photo from Acropora cervicornis without live tissue in the low part of the colonies, while the extremes are still alive and separated by a ring of transition. Have you seen this in other country of the Caribbean Sea? what potential causes your refer to? 

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